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How to monetise your content?

write and earn BTC

Coming Q2 2022

On Sigle, all transactions are made in crypto-currencies. The currency used on Sigle is named "Stacks" (or STX) as we use the Stacks blockchain to secure your work. Learn more about STX.

You have 2 monetisation systems to make profit from your writings:

Stacking model:

The first monetisation system we offer on Sigle is the most innovative and compelling on the market. Any reader can lock up Stacks tokens to subscribe to a writer. Locking up STX will generate a yield (in Bitcoin) that will be used to pay the writer.

By doing this, the readers can subscribe to any writer without spending their principle and get 100% of their funds back when they unsubscribe.

We call this mechanism "Stacking".

Classic subscription model:

The readers can decide to pay (in STX) the writers every month to get access to their exclusive content and newsletters.