Create your first story and publish it
Creating a new story on Sigle is as easy as ABC. Simply push the button “New story” on the top right of your dashboard and you’ll jump to the editor.

Create a story

Choose a title

First, name your story by clicking on "title"

Start writing your content

Then, let your inner writer do the rest and get started.

Save it

Before you leave, don’t forget to save your masterpiece!
Well done, you just created your first draft. Now you can go back to your dashboard from your browser or simply click on the Sigle logo and admire the result.

Publish your story

Now, your first story is in your draft, so you won't be able to see it on your blog unless you publish it. To do so, you have to edit the draft you want to publish by clicking on the title or the three dots "•••" next to it and push the "edit" button.
Then, simply push the "publish" button next to "save".
If you go back to your dashboard now, you can see that your "Drafts" section is empty. Don't panic, your story's still there! We simply moved your story from "Drafts" to "Published", in the left column.

Visit your blog

Now that your story is published, it will appear on your blog automatically. Push the "Visit my blog" button to take a look at your awesome blog.
Last modified 1mo ago