Images and content structure

Add a cover image

If you want to add a cover image to any story you've created or currently are, first you have to "edit" it. Now that you're in the editor, click on the "wheel"
icon in the top right, next to the "publish" button.
A menu will slide from the right part of your screen. This is the settings of your story.
The cover will appear on your blog like this:
And on your dashboard, like this:

Upload images

You can upload images on your story very easily. When you do a line break, a "+" icon appears on the left side. Clicking on it will bring up a new "photo" icon
. Then, choose your file (.jpg, .png and .gif are supported).
If the file is too heavy, it will take some time to upload. We recommend not going over 25mb.

Drag & drop

You also can drag and drop images from your desktop (or any folder from your computer) directly to the editor.

Change image placement

You don't have to delete your image and re-upload it if you want it to be somewhere else on the text! Just drag the image to where you want it, that's it!


Coming soon: You'll have the possibility to add a caption to your images
Last modified 1yr ago