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Migrate to the Hiro web wallet

If you created your account before mid May 2022, you were used to using "Blockstack Connect" to sign in to your account. Follow this guide to migrate your account to the new Hiro web wallet and continue using Sigle.


Please read this guide carefully before deciding which approach you want to go with.

Option 1 - Create a new account / use your already existing Hiro account


This is the recommended approach if you interact with other Stacks apps in the ecosystem.


  • Use the Hiro wallet extension and access other Stacks apps
  • Use a .btc domain / register a new free .id.stx subdomain


  • You have to manually migrate your Gaia content from the old to the new account. If you want us to provide a tool for this, vote for this feature so we can prioritise it.


  1. If you don't already have a Hiro wallet account, follow this guide to create a new one.

  2. Login to Sigle

    a. Login to Sigle with an account owning a .btc name (you can get one at

    b. Login to Sigle with your account and follow the UI to register a new free subdomain

  3. Manually copy the content from your old account to the new account. You will need to copy the drafts, published stories and settings.

To access your old account, you can use the legacy connect button on the login page.

Legacy login

Option 2 - Keep your username and secret key


  • Keep using Sigle as usual
  • Use the Hiro wallet extension and access other Stacks apps
  • No need to manually migrate your Gaia content (drafts / published stories, settings...)


  • Need to run a script to transfer the subdomain and wait for the tx to be processed
  • If you already have an Hiro wallet, you'll need to use to logout from your current account in the Hiro extension

Using the Stacks CLI

In order to use the Stacks Command Line Interface you need to have Node.js installed on your machine.

To install Node.js, follow the instructions on this page.

In your computer applications, open the "Terminal" one and run the following command inside:

npm install -g @stacks/cli

This will install the Stacks CLI and make it available globally on your machine.

Then, run the following command and replace <YOUR_BLOCKSTACK_CONNECT_SECRET_KEY> with your 12 word secret key (without < and > chars):

stx migrate_subdomains "<YOUR_BLOCKSTACK_CONNECT_SECRET_KEY>"

The CLI will ask you to confirm the operation, press yes and enter, and then it will show you the transaction ID. If the process was successful, you will see the following message printed in your terminal:

"status": true,
"message": "Your subdomains transfer was received, and will be included in the blockchain soon with txId: f85a649fcdfbc3002368f46445ce8b0cc5b6e97158cd1d1f1fe8d0fb945ac7f3"

The transaction ID can be used to monitor the progress of the transaction on the Stacks explorer. Once the transaction is included in the blockchain, you can login to Sigle using the Hiro extension and your 12 word secret key.