Who is behind Sigle?

Sigle was created by Leo Pradel, a full stack developper passionate about decentralized app and Quentin Saubadu, graphic designer and illustrator. You can follow Sigle on Twitter or Facebook and take part in the conversation on Discord.

Where is my data stored?

When you write on Sigle, all of your data is stocked on a blockchain hub created by Blockstack called Gaia. Gaiaโ€™s approach to decentralization focuses on user control over data and its storage. If you want to learn more about Blockstack and Gaia, we invite you to follow this link.

Why is Sigle decentralized?

Our goal here at Sigle is to give power back to users. Using the Blockchain instead of centralized applications means you say STOP to corrupted applications we all know that sell your data without your permission. Also, we cannot censure you. That means you're totally free to express yourself, wherever you are on this planet. It's a big step for human rights.

Can I store my data on my own server?

Is Sigle free?

YES! Sigle is totally free. If you want to give us a boost anyway, you can give us a tip or buy a monthly subscription, but that's up to you

Can I earn money with my blog?

For now you cannot monetize your blog, but we're thinking of creating this option, in order to give your readers the opportunity to tip one of your stories (in BTC)
. Don't hesitate to get in touch and tell us what you think about the idea.

I ended up on a 404 page after publishing a story, how do I solve it?

Because each case is different, we need you to contact us directly by email mailto:[email protected], on Twitter or Discord with the exact steps you took before you reached the 404 page and a screenshot of your console as follows :
To do so, click right wherever you want on the 404 page and click on "inspect". Then, go to the "console" section, at the top of this menu. Screenshot the page and send it to us with your request.

How can I support you?

You can support our work on our "Buy me a coffee" page by tipping us or buy a monthly subscription. But that's up to you! Sigle is free to use
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