Start exploring your dashboard
Sigle is pretty easy to use. When logged in, you’ll jump into your dashboard.

Draft it, publish it.

The “Drafts” and “Published” sections are where your stories will go after you finished writing, depending on if you decide to keep them secret or make them public (and visible on your blog).
If you don’t publish your story, you won’t be able to see it on your blog.

Custom your blog

You can customize your blog and play with it by choosing a name, a color, create links, adding a picture or a logo and much more.

Give us a boost!

Because Sigle is totally free, we would more than appreciate your support and encouragement for working on this project!
Don’t hesitate to push the “Support us” button to buy us a coffee or buy a monthly subscription
Direct link to our "Buy me a coffee" page for support.
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