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What is Sigle?

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Sigle is a decentralised and open-source Web 3.0 blogging platform.

We focus on giving writers their power back and protecting their privacy. With our decentralised protocol built on Stacks, you'll be able to store and lock your writing literally forever.

Users have control over their personal data and what they write on Sigle. You can be completely anonymous if you wish to.

Why did we create Sigle?

We created Sigle to thwart the big corporate industries that sell user data against their will and control their economy by creating algorithms in favor of the platform rather than the user.

Today, centralized platforms and their private algorithms can decide to limit your account at any time and take away your content, community and revenue. Deplatforming and shadow banning are a regular occurrence.

A writer's account can become limited overnight with no explanation. Your funds, content and community can be locked.

If your writing is your main income, you depend on the platform you use.

On Sigle, you own your content, you own your economy, you own your data.

Sigle protocol... in a more technical way

We offer a solution where you truly own your content and community. All your data is stored on Gaia, a decentralised Stacks storage. This enables any developer to access their content via open APIs.

Switching from one client to another does not mean losing access to your content.

Each client can have their own unique content policy as well as their own monetization strategy. Any developer can leverage our protocol to integrate the latest and greatest Defi (DEcentralised FInance) products.