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Who is behind Sigle?​

Sigle was created by LΓ©o Pradel (CEO), Quentin Saubadu (CDO) and ArtΕ«rs Kirtovskis (CTO).

In January 2022, Greg Ogun joined the team as front-end engineer.

Where is my data stored?​

When you write on Sigle, all of your data is stored on a blockchain hub created by Blockstack called Gaia. Gaia’s approach to decentralization focuses on user control over data and its storage. If you want to learn more about Blockstack and Gaia, we invite you to follow this link.

Is Sigle free?​

Sigle is totally free, but we are working on a paid version (Creator plan) that will bring exclusive premium features.

Explorer Guild NFTs are a free lifetime access to the upcoming Creator plan. More info here


To help us improve Sigle, vote for the features you would like us to add!


If you are facing any issues with Sigle or just want to join the community, join our Discord.