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Sigle v1.7

  • Added custom domain to the app (beta).
  • Newsletter is out of beta and available for everyone.
  • Added ability to select the mailjet list where you send emails to.
  • Added ability to select the sender address where emails are sent from.
  • Added E2E tests suite to catch regressions and bugs.
  • Added a new enterprise plan.
  • Allow links in the twitter embeds.
  • [Custom domain] Improved pagination with a better system that can handle many pages.
  • [Custom domain] Collect emails from the landing and article pages.

See the full list of changes on GitHub:

Sigle v1.6

  • Added newsletter capabilities to the app (beta).
  • Added a new Newsletter page to the dashboard to manage the newsletter settings.
  • Added a subscribe modal to the profile page and user card.
  • Added a login modal prompt when a logged out user tries to follow someone on the explore, public profile and public story pages.
  • Added CTA buttons to the editor.
  • User can now send test emails before publishing a story.
  • Added newsletter subscribe card at the bottom of the public story page.
  • Added a new settings page to manage current user email.
  • Allow users to add a canonical link to their stories via the editor settings.
  • Prefill user email when subscribing if user has email set.

See the full list of changes on GitHub:

Sigle v1.5

  • Added mobile support to the editor.
  • Added Twitter embeds to the editor.
  • Added drag-and-drop support to the editor.
  • Improved drag-and-drop experience for the cover image.
  • Make the website responsive on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue causing articles not to be correctly indexed by crawlers.
  • Many small bug fixes across the app.

See the full list of changes on GitHub:

Sigle v1.4

  • Added a social following system, you can follow other users and see their posts in your feed.
  • Added “Explore” page to discover writers using the platform.
  • Display The Explorer Guild creator + badge on the profile page of a user.
  • Show card displaying user information when hovering their name or avatar on the article page.
  • Redesign the header dropdown menu.
  • Added “Profile” page to the dashboard.
  • Added “Following” and “Followers” tabs on the “Profile” page.
  • Added RSS auto-discovery for all the blogs. So browser and RSS readers can automatically find the RSS feed of the blog.
  • Improved the login flow by including steps with progress indicators.
  • Improved tooling around the API to help developers.
  • Updated the mobile typography styles for a better user experience.
  • Improved the editor slash command behaviour, making it accessible for keyboard navigation.
  • Improved editor placeholder behaviour to give you more context when you write.

See the full list of changes on GitHub:

Sigle v1.3

  • Created the NFT gated infrastructure to allow users to access premium features.
  • Added a new analytics page to the dashboard.
  • Added a new plan page to the dashboard.
  • Hiro login is out of beta and available for everyone.
  • Introducing the new settings layout.
  • Introducing the new profile page layout.
  • Changing your name in the settings also changes it in the header and other places.
  • Display the BNS next to the name on your profile page.
  • Added a “stories” tab on your profile page in order to add “following” and “followers” in the near future.
  • Improved login process with new signature flow.
  • New story cards on the profile page.
  • Change how profile images are displayed to be ready for more social features.
  • Custom SEO when sharing profile pages.
  • CTA to write a new story changed position.
  • A LOT of internal changes to the codebase, continuing redesign of old components.
  • We’re now able to detect when you’ve connected to Sigle with your BNS name misconfigured, and show you the guide on how to fix it.

See the full list of changes on GitHub:

Sigle v1.2

  • Added a new dark mode to the app.
  • We’ve revisited the dashboard layout and redesigned the story cards to improve user experience and match our new design system.
  • The editor’s header remains visible when scrolling down, so you’re are able to save, publish and access settings at any time when writing.
  • Introducing share on social media: readers can share writer’s articles through new share buttons. Sharing content you love to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin is just a click away.
  • Added Clarity highlighting support (the smart contract language of Stacks) to the editor.
  • Trying to leave or close the editor page with unsaved changes will now prompt a warning.

See the full list of changes on GitHub: